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  •     Hi my name is Peter Gordon and I am a recent graduate of the Nova Scotia college of Art and Design, where I studied many aspects of the visual arts, with a focus on painting and photography. After graduation I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph a few of my friend's weddings and felt very privileged to be the one capturing the essence of their special day.

        I really enjoyed being there to help tell their intimate and timeless story which will be shared for generations. I get great inspiration from following the flow of the day and all the various aspects and genres of photography available to me, such as photojournalism, portraiture and still life. Not to mention capturing the myriad of intriguing compositions and candid moments which are always happening.

       I am a very easy going guy by nature and my style is to document the day in a manner where I am as unobtrusive as possible, yet always nearby capturing energetic images that tell the visual story of the day.

        One of my favourite times of the day is between the ceremony and reception, when the couple can get a chance to take a deep breath and enjoy their emotions and feelings following the ceremony. Typically we will be out in nature or at a location with meaning to the couple, and I am free to search out beautiful light and backdrops to place them in. After that I generally just like for things to happen naturally, allowing for fresh compositions that cherish the moment.

       In my spare time I enjoy getting out in nature with my camera looking for inspiration and continual growth as a photographer and artist. I find there is a lot to be learned shooting animals and insects which can be easily correlated with the instincts needed to capture those fleeting moments during a day of wedding or portrait photography.

       The converse to this would be the times I spend below a waterfall or alone along the coast searching for the exact spot where all the elements combine to give me the perfect composition. Either way it's certainly difficult to beat that feeling when it all comes together and you get the shot you were looking for.